My name is Russell. Other than this website, I'm a husband, father, electrician, tinkerer, maker and proud nerd. I've been making and tinkering my whole life. When I was a young boy, I would spend days in my father's shed playing with anything I could get my hands on. Sometimes this would result in the occasional fire... or small explosion. Getting older just means I have more gear to play with, there are no more explosions but the fires can be a bit bigger.

I was born in Australia and in my youth, spent a lot of time touring the country by car and being home schooled by my mother and father. Lessons, while structured would always come second place to exploring a limestone cave, fishing the tide, making new friends or snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef.

Now older, I still enjoy exploring and making things. My main construction materials are reclaimed timber and harvested electronics. My happiest is when I'm pottering around, making often pointless contraptions with my kids or exploring some back country road with my family. No matter what, my life is always fuller with my family close by. My best friends are my wife Susan and our two children Sahara and Dustin.


Sahara and Dustin dressed and ready for the neighbourhood halloween party
Selfie taken out exploring the bottom coastline of New Zealand.
Riverton, New Zealand. Autumn 2017.