Hollyford Track

Eglington Valley.

Hollyford Valley.

Humboldt Falls.

A little while ago, my wife and her twin sister celebrated a milestone birthday. Believe it or not, their birthdays are on the same day! Go figure!

We spent the first night at Yvonne’s place. The next day we all had a drive out to Te Anau. That was followed by more driving to some of the most beautiful land this earth has to offer. The Hollyford Valley is beautiful. The Eglington Valley and Eglington Flats are spectacular and the Humboldt Falls are breathtaking. Many of the images on Russell and Susan.com were snapped around these three locations. It is a place we visited several times in the first 18 months of living in New Zealand and I bet we will visit many more times.

I could talk for hours about these three places and in particular the Hollyford Track. I think however images could do better justice than my words. Images however do no real justice. You need to come see for yourself...

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